Great Barrier Reef Referral Dive Package (2 day 1 night – Multishare)

Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard

Reef Encounter, Australia’s only floating luxury boutique hotel, is situated on the spectacular Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns and offers guests a unique opportunity to enjoy the ultimate Great Barrier Reef experience as briefly or for as long as they want.

Reef Encounter is for anyone who wishes to experience the Great Barrier Reef – whether it be to enjoy the sunset, sleep on the reef, snorkeling with time to really to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the quality reef and marine life, mad keen divers who want to explore everything under the water, or those that want to do a referral course and learn to become mad keen divers!

Reef Encounter offers all the luxury facilities of a reef resort while floating on the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef – making it one of the most unique holiday escapes in Australia.

Scuba Schools International Dive Facility

Reef Encounter is an SSI Accredited training facility and has been offering outstanding scuba diving on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for over 30 years.

The dive crew at Reef Encounter are dive professionals with outstanding customer service to assist you with any aspect of your diving. At Reef Encounter, the emphasis is on increased training in actual dive conditions.

A referral dive course is a course in which you conduct your pool and theory training with one dive school and your 4 open water training dives with another.

The referral dive course is held on board Reef Encounter 2 day 1 night liveaboard trip. As Reef Encounter is an SSI training facility, you will need to make sure that you have done your initial open water training with an SSI training facility.

Reef Encounter is the pride of the Cairns liveaboard fleet, it is always moored on the outer reef, cruising to a different dive location twice a day, and we use our fast catamaran Reef Experience to transfer you to and from the Reef Encounter.

The multishare rooms on board sleep up to 3 people in a room, with a bunk bed and single bed, each with ensuite bathrooms.

This package departs daily from Cairns.

Our Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard Referral Package Includes:

  • Multishare accommodation (Ensuite Bathroom)
  • On board Chef prepared meals
  • Coffee, tea and fresh fruit
  • 4 Training Day Scuba dives
  • International Open water certification
  • Professional friendly instructors
  • Bed linen and towels included
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Glass bottom boat tours
  • Marine Biologist presentation


Day 1

  • 7:30am            Breakfast on board Reef Experience, Marlin Jetty, Cairns
  • 8:00am            Depart Marlin Jetty (1 Spence Street Cairns)
  •                             Marine Biologist Presentation Scuba Dive Snorkel briefing
  • 10:30am         Arrive Outer Great Barrier Reef  ~
  •                             Transfer to Reef Encounter
  •                             Snorkel, Sun bake and relaxation time
  • 12:00pm         Lunch
  •                             Referral training scuba dive
  • 3:00pm           Cruise to our next spectacular outer Great Barrier Reef location,
  •                             Referral training scuba dive
  • 6:00pm           Dinner & Dessert
  • 7:30pm            Relaxation time, stargazing, movie or board games

Day 2

  • 6:30am             Referral training scuba dive, Breakfast
  • 8:30am             Referral training scuba dive
  • 10:30am          Cruise to our next spectacular Reef location
  •                              Glass Bottom Boat Tours, Snorkelling, Sun baking, Relaxing time
  • 12:00pm          Lunch
  • 3.00pm            Transfer To Reef Experience Cruise tour returning to Cairns enjoying a
  •                             Complimentary Wine and Cheese, fresh tropical fruits
  • 4:30pm            Arrive back in Cairns



Open water dive referral paperwork

Minimum age is 12 years (subject to a medical assessment). Children under the age of 15 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

A Dive medical to the Australian Standard AS4005-1 is required. Australian medical standards are different to those overseas. Some medical conditions may preclude you from diving.

Your health and safety is of paramount importance to our company

Queensland Dive Laws are the strictest in the world – with the safest dive record in the world.

Some Medical conditions and or medication may stop you from participating in Scuba Diving even if you are a certified diver.  These include Asthma or wheezing,  Brain spinal cord or nervous disorder, chronic bronchitis or persistent chest complaint, chronic sinus, collapsed lung, diabetes mellitis, most chest surgery, Epilepsy, Fainting, Seizure or blackouts, Heart Disease of any kind, recurrent ear problems when flying, tuberculosis or other long-term lung disease and High blood pressure.  Some prescription and non-prescription medications including some Malaria prevention tablets may prevent you from diving.

If you are unsure of any medications or medical conditions please consult your Doctor – The Australian standard is Dive Medical A4005.1

It is not our companies decision regarding these laws – we are regulated by the  Queensland Government.





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