It’s one of a kind

The tours we’ve chosen are designed to give you the best experience you can possibly have travelling throughout this diverse city, visiting it’s unique sites, dining at its most exceptional restaurants and seeing all the amazing attractions it has to offer.

Find out more about the breathtaking moments and adventures you will get to experience when you choose one of our delightful backpacking tours through Sydney.

The Rocks

Where to Eat

It’s no doubt that Sydney offers some of the finest restaurants in the country, perfect for globetrotting foodies.

In fact, numerous restaurants in the city have been honoured with international awards for their culinary expertise.

When backpacking throughout Sydney, you definitely don’t have to worry about being far from some delicious cuisine either, as there is an abundance of restaurants throughout the area in a range of flavours, from Italian to Mexican to Vietnamese to Brazilian.

Many of Sydney’s favorite dining locations are right in the heart of it’s city centre, including the Cantonese-style Mr. Wong and the modern Australian-style Gowings Bar and Grill. For incredibly fresh ingredients, diners go to restaurants like Sixpenny, Three Blue Ducks and Chiswick, each of which grow their own produce.

Vegetarians and vegans also have quite their pick. Some of the best vegetarian-friendly finds in the city include Quay, Longrain, Aki’s and Bodhi.

Kings Cross

Where to Party

For a roaring good time enjoying the nightlife while backpacking through Sydney, there’s a fantastic bar scene travelers will definitely want to explore.

From The Lobo Plantation, a 50s-style joint, to the pirate themed Button Bar, Sydney has just what you’re looking for no matter what your prefered scene.
The city has also been welcoming a number of new stylish establishments over recent years.

Wine-lovers should be sure to check out The Wine Library, while whiskey and bourbon aficionados will undoubtedly find an appreciation for Shady Pines Saloon.
If you’re really in for a fabulous treat, check out Eau De Vie, a charming establishment that has won a number of amazing awards, or if clubbing is more your style, check out Chinese Laundry, one of the largest clubs in the city known for it’s electro, house and Baltimore sounds and Candys Apartment, an underground club offering both dance music and live music for its guests.

Where to Sleep

When backpacking through Sydney, you’re going to need a comfortable and safe place to stay during the nights. So, we have made sure that each of our tours offer excellent hostels for you to sleep at during your travels.

The hostels for our tours offer excellent features and facilities for guests to feel comfortable during their stay, including cafes, game rooms, laundry facilities, supermarkets, restaurants, vending machines, bicycle parking, lockers, outdoor terraces, nightclubs, bars, BBQ areas and plenty more.

The hostels are also located all throughout the city, so you need not worry that you will find the perfect place to stay no matter what part of Sydney you want to spend your nights in.