Explore Tasmania on one of our fantastic backpacker Tours

The city, which is also the most densely populated in Tasmania, is quite a lively one, featuring an array of amazing restaurants, lovely waterfront cafes, an incredible harbour filled with yachts and boats, a roaring nightlife and an incredible arts scene.

Backpacker tours Tasmania will allow you to explore all of the wonders the city has to offer, from its incredible dining locales to its outstanding selection of bars and clubs.

Also, each of our tours will provide you with safe hostels to stay during your backpacking adventures, so you need not worry about having a secure and comfortable spot to rest at night.

Find out more about all of the fantastic places you can explore while on one of our Tasmania backpacking tours.

Where to eat

One of the first things you’ll likely be in search of once you’ve begun your backpacking travels in Hobart is a place to grab a bite to eat.

Thankfully, all of our tours make it easy to access the best restaurants and markets the city has to offer.

There are Italian restaurants like Solo Pasta and Pizza for lunch and dinner, breakfast spots like Raspberry Fool for delicious morning meals, French pastry shops like Daci and Daci bakers for afternoon snacks, coffee shops like Boutique Espresso for quick pick-me-ups, and fine dining restaurants like Monty’s on Montpelier for extravagant dinners.

No matter what type of cuisine you’re looking for, you can be sure you’ll find it on your backpacking adventures in Hobart.

If you’re fancying cooking up your meal, instead, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the many terrific markets carrying a variety of fresh produce, such as the Farm Gate Market, Showground Market and Salamanca Markets.



Where to Party

While on our backpacking tours in Tasmania you’ll surely want to experience some of the islands incredible nightlife spots.

Tasmania is home to some fantastic bars, nightclubs and venues that are very popular with backpackers.

There’s Curlys Bar, covering three different venues including The Rooftop and The Lounge, Halo Nightclub. An internationally respected venue known for its fabulous events and big-name DJs that play there, Observatory Bar, a popular nightlife destination with the locals that overlooks the harbour, and Mayfair Tavern, which offers plenty of live entertainment as well as private venue functions.

Where to Sleep

One of the most important things to cover when backpacking is a safe place to stay, and with each of our backpacking tours throughout Tasmania, we offer reliable and comfortable hostels for you to stay.

The hostels offered are conveniently located, so it’s easy to get to the best restaurants, markets, sites, bars and nightclubs during your travels.

They also offer an incredible selection of facilities and amenities to make your experience as enjoyable as can be, including games rooms, pool tables, lounge areas, bars, barbeque areas, internet cafes, secure lockers, television rooms and bicycles for hire.